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    I guess that, for sure, loners are much less an issue than gangs and packs, who're likely to gang up on isolated people. But I also seen several cases of racists committing violence on their own due to social media support. I think of the Quebec City mosque shooting, carried by a history student at one of the most prominent universities in Canada.

    Would this guy had become less dangerous if given a golden job at the chair straight away? Most likely, but on the other hand, this would have enabled him to spew a bunch of batshit racist propaganda books, and use his status as academic "luminary" to promote it (read: Matthew Heimbach), while selling more books and doing shitloads of money to finance racist hate groups.

    Sooo... which is really better?

    Also, Hitler was mentally ill. Evenback when he was shunned by the artist milieus in Berlin. Same for, to a lesser extent, Ezra Pound. And no matter how these artists who shunned them were pricks, these two wingnuts deserved way more exclusion than they got.


    Published on 21 Aug 2018 at 05:25AM


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