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    This article will bust 3 myths around getting your home organized. Home organization is possible with the right attitude and a little perseverance. Continue reading

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    How much do you care about home organization? Look around you, if you see mess and clutter, it is causing you well deserved peace of mind and might be keeping you awake at night. I have had several clients over the years who simply cannot get a good nights sleep because they have too many unfinished projects on their mind. Maybe you have heard so many horror stories, that you might think that it is impossible to get your home organized.

    And with so many misconceptions about what it really takes to live efficiently, it’s no wonder that many people never truly get organized.

    To get you started on the right path, I’m going to debunk 3 myths about home organization right now:

    Myth 1: You have to be an expert.

    I assure you, you need no special experience or skills to organize your home and live clutter-free.

    You simply need the desire to get there, and a few pieces of insider know-how.

    Myth 2: You have to always focus on the big picture.

    When organizing, don’t think of each room as a whole. That means, don’t think to yourself…

    “How am I going to organize my bathroom?”

    Instead, think small, and tackle each section of a room individually.

    For a bathroom, that would include the medicine cabinet, under the sink, and linen closets.

    Myth 3: It’s going to take a long time.

    While finishing your entire house may take months, you’ll feel the joys of organization as soon as you begin.

    And those good feelings will motivate you to continue organizing until a project is done.

    If you have small kitchen challenges and want to learn something as simple as organizing your dish towels, read this.

    Get started this week and become excited to have the home of your dreams!

    PS – If you feel overwhelmed and need a jumpstart, call on me. Working with a professional organizer makes the entire process faster and more fun!

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    The post 3 Myths About Home Organization appeared first on Professional Organizer | Image Consultant.

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    Published on 31 Jul 2018 at 05:43AM


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