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    AITA for eating after an old lady told me to stop? /Link

    So every day on my way to the gym I eat a bag of pretzels. The bus ride is about 20 minutes. On all public transport, there is a sign that says “no eating, drinking, smoking, listening to music without headphones”. Nobody enforced this unless someone’s being annoying. People hold their coffees and eat snacks literally always.

    I’m literally quietly sitting there eating these pretzels out of my pocket and this old lady taps me on the shoulder asks “are you eating?”

    Me: “Yes”

    Her: “Well you should stop.”

    Me: “Is it bothering you?”

    Her: “No, but those are the rules”

    So I turn around and continue. It’s a small bag of pretzels, I try to eat before I lift, and frankly I’m not making a mess, being loud or smelly, and there’s no nuts or something someone would be allergic too. It’s like the ultimate neutral food.

    So this lady gets up for her stop and literally tells on me to the buss driver.


    Am I being entitled for being mad by this? Can’t tell if I’m being an entitled asshole or she was just being annoying for no reason.

    The bus driver looks at me, I’m literally done with the pretzels by now though. And the guy sitting in front of me turns around and goes “man, some people. If you’re hungry you eat!!”

    So I’m like....yeah ok I am probably not disrupting people? But rules are rules?


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    Published on 20 Oct 2018 at 10:00PM

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