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    Andy Weir on his new novel Artemis, building a lunar civilization, and why he avoids politics in his stories /Link

    Andy Weir scored an unexpected best-seller with his debut novel The Martian. Originally self-published online and then brought to print in 2014, it became an Oscar-nominated blockbuster movie, and propelled Weir into the forefront of the science fiction world. Today, he’s releasing his second novel Artemis, a heist thriller set on the Moon.

    At San Diego Comic-Con, Weir told me that following The Martian was scary, and that he shifted his expectations with writing it. Artemis trades the scenery of Mars and Mark Watney for the Moon and Jazz Bashara, a small-time criminal who smuggles goods to people living in the Moon’s only city, Artemis. She’s summoned to the home of a regular customer, who presents her with an offer she can’t refuse:...

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    (@)Andrew Liptak

    Published on 14 Nov 2017 at 05:35PM

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