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    Asia did not fuck that kid /Link

    Asia did not fuck that kid. All of this has been orchestrated by Weinstein. He realized that Asia is kind of a fucking weirdo so people will believe it if she does weird shit. Asia and Jimmy got close because Jimmy’s parents are cunts who neglected/abused him and she saw some poor kid she wanted to protect. They got kind of unusually close, but nothing she says is weird when read in Italian and when you realize she really saw him as her child and functioned as his mother. She (Bourdain) gave him that money because his parents stole all his earnings and he blackmailed her by threatening to release private info. Harvey just checked on social media when they met up and came up with this bullshit story. Jimmy currently still desperately needs money. He’s a failed musician junkie piece of shit who sold out the only person who ever cared about him for some Weinstein money so he can get some smack/fent.


    Published on 21 Aug 2018 at 04:13PM

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