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    Bel-Air's wealthy elite flee to high-end hotel as California wildfires rage /Link

    Firefighters battle to save mansions and estates in area where celebrities and billionaires, including Rupert Murdoch and Elon Musk, own homes

    They glided into the Angeleno hotel courtyard in Audis, SUVs and Mercedes, outcasts from the burning canyons of Bel-Air.

    Wealth did not shield displaced residents from the fury of the flames but it did made evacuation a more comfortable affair – a short drive south to a chic hotel with a penthouse restaurant offering panoramic views of the drama engulfing Los Angeles.

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    (@)Rory Carroll in Los Angeles

    Published on 07 Dec 2017 at 11:43PM

    Firefighters work in Bel-Air as wildfires rage.

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