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    Boko Haram Huntress /Link

    Aisha Bakari Gombi has reached real-life superhero status for her battlefield bravery in her fight against Boko Haram.

    Published on 17 Apr 2018 at 06:04AM

    Hunter and university graduate Bamanga (R) shows Aisha how to use her new smartphone. [Rosie Collyer/Al Jazeera] Aisha and hunters under her command take a break from tracking Boko Haram deep inside Sambisa Forest. [Rosie Collyer/Al Jazeera] Aisha was single for many years until her fight against Boko Haram captured the heart of her now husband, Muhammadu. [Rosie Collyer/Al Jazeera] Aisha grew up hunting antelopes and water buffalo with her father. Now she hunts Boko Haram fighters. [Rosie Collyer/Al Jazeera] Hunters know Sambisa Forest better than anyone, so the military uses them to track down fighters who hide there. [Rosie Collyer/Al Jazeera] Khalid, standing in the background, is the hunter Aisha trusts the most. He is always by her side when they go on missions. [Rosie Collyer/Al Jazeera] Even when Aisha is not out hunting, she worries about the women and children who have been kidnapped by the group. [Rosie Collyer/Al Jazeera] Hunters mainly use locally-made weapons in their fight against Boko Haram. [Rosie Collyer/Al Jazeera] Aisha learned about medicinal plants from her father. Her expertise as a medicine woman has earned her the respect of her fellow hunters. [Rosie Collyer/Al Jazeera] Motorcycles are the easiest way to move around in Sambisa Forest where Boko Haram have hideouts. [Rosie Collyer/Al Jazeera] Bukar Jimeta was Aisha’s commander. A hugely respected hunter, he helped authorities track criminals and insurgents in Sambisa Forest for three decades until he was ambushed and killed by Boko Haram in July 2017. [Rosie Collyer/Al Jazeera] Bukar Jimeta  was a devout Muslim, and he believed in the African gods of nature and of war. [Rosie Collyer/Al Jazeera] Aisha continued to hunt even while she was pregnant. Her story has become folklore in northern Nigeria. The ‘Queen Hunter’ is a real-life superhero for Nigerians. [Rosie Collyer/Al Jazeera] Musta'ribeen, Israel's agents who pose as Palestinians Stories from the sex trade  How Britain Destroyed the Palestinian Homeland

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