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    Calling all Entrepreneurs – Take a Break! /Link

    Taking a vacation, even if it is a quick stay-cation will increase your level of productivity and also provide massive health benefits.
    Do I need to say more to get you to schedule a break away from work? Continue reading

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    If you are an entrepreneur you might feel overwhelmed and way too busy to take a vacation. You might even be asking, why should you make a break and take a vacation now? Because vacationing actually increases your productivity!

    When you step away from your work environment you gain a fresh perspective and will inevitably generate new ideas.

    Spending less time working actually increases your levels of  productivity.

    Isn’t that cray? Studies have shown that taking more time off increases the speed of which we complete tasks when we are at work. Time off is time better spent. Can you believe that?

    Even if you don’t take a full-fledged vacation, take some time off to catch up on your sleep and just chill out.

    Oftentimes our work is very fast-paced and we really stop for a breather. The more rested you are, the better you think. The better you think the more you get done in less time. Several studies show that getting enough sleep is the number one ingredient for happiness.

    I’ll admit I myself do not take enough time off and I am writing this blog to help solidify my intention to begin taking more time away from my company. Why is it that people like myself (and several of my friends) here in the US do not take time off? Is it our hardworking mentality?

    We think we have to work hard to get ahead?

    Studies performed in 2015 showed that 55% of US workers did not take advantage of their allotted vacation time.

    What is wrong with us? We need to realize that working too many long hours simply makes us more stressed out! Stressing out can inevitably lead to physical stress and physical stress frequently leads to disease. This is why they call it dis-ease. Disease often happens when we become uneasy, overworked, and overloaded with too many things to do and too little time.

    Study show that Europeans make more use of their time off and less use of their sick days.

    Europeans are much healthier overall than us here in the US. They tend to live longer and spend much less money on healthcare. I think another reason they are healthier overall is that they banned GMO ad Monsanto decades ago! Maybe we should all become more European!

    Hopefully this article will coerce all of you entrepreneurs (and everyone else!) to take a break and make plans for a nice vacation before the summer ends. Even if you only squeeze in a quick 3 day retreat, I promise it will reinvigorate your life!


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    The post Calling all Entrepreneurs – Take a Break! appeared first on Professional Organizer | Image Consultant.

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    Published on 23 Jul 2018 at 07:57PM


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