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    Can someone explain this shit /Link

    Can someone explain this shit

    >Be rebels in OT. And with some good moves. Luck. And hope you knock the empire down.

    >Obviously enough to celebrate an empire free galaxy. No sith. No Vader. No super weapons.


    >Don't grow your own fleet of massive scale

    >Don't build up an army to protect the galaxy

    >Still call yourselves the Rebellion instead of "New Republic " or something like that

    >Let an empire loving group build up a large scale fleet and military

    >Somehow let them carve out a planet and use a star using super weapon

    Purple hair sjw shit. Casino shit plot and flying Jedi in space is dumb but fine. Yet how the fuck do you win and then fuck up within 10 so years.


    Published on 12 Jan 2018 at 11:30PM

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