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    China Spins Internment Camps Used To Indoctrinate Muslims As ‘Vocational Training’ Centers /Link

    'A campaign of systematic repression'

    (@)Joshua Gill

    Published on 16 Oct 2018 at 08:48PM

    URUMQI, CHINA - JULY 07: Chinese policemen push Uighur women who are protesting at a street on July 7, 2009 in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uighur autonomous region, China. Hundreds of Uighur people have taken to the streets protesting after their relatives were detained by authorities after Sunday's protest. Ethnic riots in the capital of the Muslim Xinjiang region on Sunday saw 156 people killed. Police officers, soldiers and firefighters were dispatched to contain the rioting with hundreds of people being detained. (Photo by Guang Niu/Getty Images) FILE PHOTO: A Uighur man looks on as a truck carrying paramilitary policemen travel along a street during an anti-terrorism oath-taking rally in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China May 23, 2014. The Chinese characters on the banner read, "Willingness to spill blood for the people. Countering terrorism and fighting the enemies is part of the police spirit." REUTERS/Stringer/File Photo Like us on Facebook Daily Caller Games

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