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    Damn, what the /Link

    Damn, what the.. Just been playing some doom on switch and we'll.. Wow, it stinks in here...

    >Fool, did you just fart?
    >You think that's art? You think you're smart?
    >Well that makes you Lisa, which makes me Bart,
    >Time to spit some truth, break your heart,
    >Straight through it like a dart; wait. What's this I see?

    >No way, you're shitting me,
    >It's 2017, Doom at 540p?
    >The things they do to keep the frames at 60,
    >Oh wait, it's half that? Wow what a pity,
    >Screen so blurred it makes your eyes itchy,
    >Or is that the salty tears, why you all so bitchy?

    >Just thinking 'bout Switch Doom making my head sore,
    >Yet the reviewers seem to all forget this in their score?
    >Manchildren and kiddies begging for more,
    >If you're lucky Todd will port over fallout fucking 4,
    >You better buy it bitch, he'll be knocking at your door,

    >That goes for wolfenstein 2, and skyrim too,
    >Frame rates jumping round like a fucking kangaroo,
    >Eyes bleeding like you're rinsing them with boiling shampoo,
    >But hey, at least switch already got more ports than wii u,

    >Even though they're all old Bethesda games with portable glitches,
    >Like every other version but with extra hitches,
    >Haha, you all sat there with your Switches,
    >30fps 'on the go' Doom giving you twitches,

    >Shame it's not got any horse power,
    >Games from 2011 making it cower,
    >Sweating more than a neogaf mod with a girl in the shower,
    >Stupid nerd thought her was gonna plough her,
    >Now his forums so dead, getting one post every hour


    Published on 08 Dec 2017 at 01:15AM

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