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    Daydreams: can the 'ambient' CBeebies experience really work? /Link

    Meant to help wind children down at the end of the day, the new iPlayer show – with its trees and slightly new age feel – could actually do the trick

    If you’re of the opinion – the correct opinion – that CBeebies represents the very pinnacle of what John Reith set out to accomplish, then Daydreams might just represent a brave new peak.

    Daydreams is an hour-long, iPlayer-only procession of gentle sounds and colours designed to stop your children from causing widespread structural damage to your property. You put it on and they gawp at footage of rivers, trees and bubbles until they have been lulled into a state of catatonia. It is, transparently, much more for parents than kids; the closest thing you can get to spiking their milk with brandy now that society has come to frown on that.

    It’s part Malick, part Boards of Canada and part Kubrick. It's heady, impressive stuff

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    (@)Stuart Heritage

    Published on 17 Apr 2018 at 05:00AM

    Steam trains are perfect for chilling kids out on Daydreams.

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