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    Dinner’s Only One Pan Away /Link

      Since I do most of the cooking in my house, my husband graciously rolls up his sleeves for dish-washing duty. Even so, he would be more than thrilled if the entire dinner could be made in one pot. Yes, salad, roast chicken and apple pie all out of the same pan. Or jasmine rice, stir-fried pork, and ginger panna


    Published on 16 Mar 2018 at 01:27PM

    Lamb steaks, barley, apricots and pistachios make this a one-dish wonder. DinnersInTheOvenBook It looks like you fussed -- even if you didn't. PorkChopsPeaches2 BriasedPorkLede PlankedSalmonRaw afjaward afjaward1 jamesbeardawardfinal logo SAVEUR.com's Sites We Love

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