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    Echo Spot is a new Alexa device designed to fit seamlessly in any space. At each turn, we looked for opportunities to design UI for its unique circular form factor while also maintaining readability from across the room. The result is a device that feels less like a computer and more like furniture, totally different from existing mobile or tablet devices.

    Shout out to the Echo Spot UX Design Team:
    Rich Mains
    Tom Nelson
    Nastasia Tebeck
    Nino Yuniardi
    Michiko Sonobe
    Olivia Janik
    Megan Harrison
    Gretchen Nash
    Ashly McTaggart
    Lynne Kress
    Jonhenry Righter
    Blair Beebe
    Christina Siegfried

    Excerpt from a video by myself and @[1843894:Ryan Pohanic]
    Full Video: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5DsJ8Kumr3W5_pfFHEVDksvwZQKneOPz

    (@)Ryan Lewis

    Published on 12 Jan 2018 at 11:20PM

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