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    Empress Of Releases New Song 'I Don't Even Smoke Weed' /Link

    Today, Lorely Rodriguez aka Empress Of shared a brand new song 'I Don't Even Smoke Weed' off her upcoming second album 'US' coming this Friday. And it's a bop!

    1 Everything to Me
    2 Just the Same
    3 Trust Me Baby
    4 Love for Me
    5 I Don't Even Smoke Weed
    6 Timberlands
    7 I've Got Love
    8 All for Nothing
    9 When I'm with Him
    10 Again


    Everyone around me
    Thinks I'm going to fail
    But they can go to hell
    They can go to
    Hello, I'm no one to you
    And before I wish you well
    Go to hell

    S S1 S2 S3 S4

    Do you smoke weed, ONTD?


    Published on 17 Oct 2018 at 04:34PM


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