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    EOS Lynx - Homepage Animation /Link

    EOS Lynx - Homepage Animation

    Hey Everyone!
    Glad to share with you this work. Just some UX for the EOS Lynx homepage! Let me know what you think!

    Stay tuned for more...

    (@)Kory Larson

    Published on 12 Jul 2018 at 04:34PM

    dribbble close Lynx homepage Icon shotstat like Icon shotstat bucket Icon shotstat view Icon shotstat share Icon shotstat drop Eos Lynx App Crypto For Charity - Homepage EOS Lynx - Homepage Wellspring Center dribbble Icon team dribbble Icon team twitter Icon team facebook Icon team instagram Icon team blog 3022026922981d3d7b43079b6ba12a2f Icon edit button 380b6d4af1811062dd702d176c636c6e Icon edit button 2e4501b30444474140a8b546583cd03d Icon edit button Overtime ad Icon shot x light close Dribbble ball 192

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