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    {{episodesesame|plot=Oscar's nephew Goody visits|airdate=February 25, [[1981]]|season=[[Season 12 (1980-1981)]]|sponsors=[[C]], [[6]]|syndication=|releases=|ctw}}

    *[[Big Bird]] learns several Spanish words from [[Maria]]'s pet Muppet canary.

    *[[Bob]] and [[the kids]] imagine they are the wind.

    *[[Oscar the Grouch]]'s nephew Goody comes to Sesame Street to be rehabilitated by his uncle. He fails in his attempts to teach Goody the word "NO."

    *[[Bill Cosby]] plays twins who recite the alphabet together. {{first|0131}}

    *Oscar slowly goes into shock when Goody shows him all the garbage he collected and then repaired. Later, Goody decides he likes being himself better than being what other [[Grouches]] expect him to be.

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