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    Face it PC fags /Link

    Face it PC fags. This is it. There's no coming back after this Friday. I know what you're going to say: "Thanks for beta testing! XD", but we all know the truth here.
    See, we are going to experience the game in all its virginal glory, to be able to explore and climb and learn about this amazing world as if it were brand new, for us it will be a rebirth - a new baptism.
    But for you? It'll start off easily enough. A lone glance at a youtube video, maybe a sneak at one of my screenshots, but that's all you cucks need. Soon after you'll be watching every video, guide, text write-up, piece of shit about this game that I decide to give you... and you'll love it.
    You will never be able to have this game the way it was meant to be played. You'll always be stuck to sloppy seconds.


    Published on 22 Oct 2018 at 04:28PM

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