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    H-hey guys! (Remember that meme? LOL) Ubisoft shill here here to shill the record straight for some misconceptions being shilled here about the fantastic upcoming game "Far Cry 5"
    >the enemies are NOT in fact based on Christianity or any real faith they are a blasphemous cult of brainwashing murderers
    (Many of the locals of Hope County who will aid your cause are in fact Christians including a wonderful black preacher who instills hope and riles people to have faith to stand up to the cult in the towns you liberate)
    >there are no radio towers to climb or reveal the map THERE IN FACT IS NO MINIMAP WOW!
    Find magazines, maps, and more to reveal information or talk to some of the locals.
    >this game promotes the use of the second amendment and stand your ground laws against those that wish you harm
    >one whacky local you will meet and help each other is running for mayor with the slogan "make Hope County Great Again" and inquires if you are a liberal
    MAGA! (appraise kok amirite?)
    Thanks for reading and I hope you look forward to preordering Far Cry 5 NOW or wait until March 27 to purchase in stores!


    Published on 14 Mar 2018 at 04:56AM

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