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    Finally, Players Can Add As Many Puddles To Spider-Man As They Want /Link

    A week before Spider-Man released, some people on the internet started freaking out about the game’s apparent lack of puddles. There were a lot of puddles in an early trailer for the game, and later, not as many puddles in what appeared to be the same location, which some saw as a downgrade. Fortunately, they need be…


    (@)Ethan Gach

    Published on 19 Oct 2018 at 11:00PM

    <i>Soulcalibur VI</i>’s Story Mode Does Geralt Dirty<em></em> Two More Gaming Magazines Are Ending<em></em> Spider-Man’s New Game+ mode has finally been added to the game. Version 1.07 also adds an Ultimate difficulty setting, new frames and stickers for photo mode, and the ability to access photo mode directly with one button press. New Game+ was originally expected at the game’s launch but got delayed.

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