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    Firefighters remove man's head from microwave after YouTube prank fail /Link

    Firefighters in the United Kingdom are called out to help a YouTube prankster who cemented his head inside a microwave.

    Published on 07 Dec 2017 at 11:34PM

    ABC News ABC News West Midlands fire authorities try to remove a man's head from inside a microwave West Midlands fire authorities try and remove a man's head from inside a microwave oven. He sits on the ground cross-legged. Firefighters try to remove a microwave from a man's head. West Midlands firefighters help a man who stuck his head in a microwave with concrete for a YouTube prank. Start a chat with ABC News on Facebook Messenger ABC News on Facebook ABC News on Instagram ABC News on Twitter ABC News on YouTube ABC News on Snapchat ABC News on Apple News News Podcasts Yekhyeale Hajabi stares at the camera in a busy street in Jerusalem. Emma Husar makes a heart sign surrounded by MPs Two maps of the world overlapping each other showing where Same-sex marriage is legal and where homosexuality is illlegal. Four journalists sit on a red TV set surround by four large studio cameras. dcsimg

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