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    Fortnite adds planes and now people are playing it like Battlefield /Link

    Every season of Fortnite brings with it a bewildering amount of change — you can see footage that is months apart and feel like you’re looking at totally different games. With the introduction of planes this morning, Fortnite has once again reinvented itself in a way that might be familiar to fans of a certain large-scale first-person shooter.

    Over the last year, the battle royale game has placed more emphasis on vehicles through inclusions such as the shopping cart, the all-terrain vehicle, and arguably, the balloon. While each of these mobility options alters Fortnite in their own right, planes change the feel of the game more fundamentally than anything that came before it. With this addition, Fortnite feels like it’s going after the B...

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    (@)Patricia Hernandez

    Published on 06 Dec 2018 at 06:18PM

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