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    Freebies Icon Pack [Part 2] /Link

    Freebies Icon Pack [Part 2]

    Hello Hello!
    This is an advanced icon from the previous shot
    you are free to use it, I am happy if this is useful for you
    I will continue to update it
    I hope you like it :)
    don't forget to follow us and "like" it if you like it


    Published on 21 Nov 2018 at 03:48PM

    dribbble close Syntac Gunaldi Freebies Icon Pack [Part 2] free svg sketch mark letter iconography vector illustration trending branding icon ui freebies icons pack icons set Artboard 1 copy Artboard copy 5 Artboard copy 6 Artboard copy 7 #Exploration Hero Image Illustration Freebies Office Icons Pack Apartment web design concept Furniture App | exploration Freebies Office Icons Pack dribbble Icon team dribbble Icon team twitter Icon team facebook Icon team instagram Icon team blog 9a0b04f3b9e94d436fc0ee8d8b85aa9e Icon edit button 58c88cd11693480e533811f7f03b6724 Icon edit button Dd722cd96d30fdc4e16abbbd02c1074a Icon edit button Overtime ad Icon shot x light close

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