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    Game Developer Developing Snetris, A Snake + Tetris Mashup /Link

    This is a short video of Snetris, a Snake and Tetris mashup currently being developed by Portuguese crowdfunded minigame creator nyunesa. The concept is simple enough: you start off as a snake, and as soon as you eat the dot on the playfield you lock into the Tetris shape you're currently in and fall. Fun! I mean sure it's no Fortnite, but I also probably won't get so angry playing that my mom threatens to change the Wi-Fi password. "I don't understand what it with him and that game." These people know how I feel about doing battle, mom, I have a reputation to uphold. "He's never finished better than 82th place before." Stop! "And he had to cheat to do that." You're killing me! "He's been begging me to hire a Fortnite tutor." AAAAAHHH AS;GDLAEWSN DFDFAS FESEW!11 Thanks to Rob, who can't wait for the inevitable Pong x Pac-Man mashup.

    Published on 16 Oct 2018 at 09:30PM

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