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    Gigi Gorgeous Reveals Her Wedding Dress Designer

    YouTube beauty guru and transgender rights activist Gigi Gorgeous can check “get a dress” off her wedding to-do list.

    “August Getty Atelier is going to be making my dress and the bridesmaid dresses. We’ve actually never said that before!” Gigi reveals to PEOPLE exclusively. “We’ve had a couple fittings and saw all the sketches. Everything is top secret. But I am very, very happy with the direction it is going in.”

    Gigi, who is muse of designer August Getty, has worn his creations to several red carpet events. Other celeb fans of the label include Kate Hudson, Rachel McAdams and Katy Perry.

    In addition to planning her upcoming nuptials to fiancé Nats Getty, the 26-year-old has been busy developing a new liquid lipstick for CrushXO, and the product holds an extra-special meaning to her.

    Gigi created what she calls the “perfect pink shade,” named after her late mother Judy, whom the star lost to breast cancer when she was 19. For each lipstick sold, 10% of the net sales will be donated toward the #CRUSHCANCERXO cause and The Keep a Breast Foundation, a non-profit that educates about the importance of early detection for breast cancer.

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    “Ever since I lost my mom, I wanted to partner in a big way with a charity. This is a humongous step for me, and it’s all about prevention and awareness, which is most important,” Gigi says.

    Although Gigi admits the baby pink hue she settled on “isn’t a shade that my mom would wear, per se,” she knows her mom would have been in tears if she were here to see her lipstick.

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    “I can only hope that she’d be super proud of me. She was a very, very, emotional and sentimental person,” Gigi says/ “So, if I had told her that I was naming a lipstick after her, I think she would’ve lost it.”

    Gigi also opened up about what inspired her to post her raw, candid YouTube video discussing the pregnancy struggles she faces as a transgender woman.

    “I think about it a lot less now that I got it off my chest. It was just something that had been built up inside of me. I never, ever thought I would talk about it, but I feel like I owe my supporters a lot of honesty because I have been so honest for so long,” she says.

    (Note: Some language in the below video may be NSFW.)

    The response from her followers after posting the emotional video she says, was overwhelming.

    “I think a lot of people were really shocked about some of the things I talked about in that video,” Gigi admits, “But a lot of it was really positive.”

    She continues, “I talked about it maybe once or twice on my YouTube channel, but never really in depth like that. Honestly, it’s just a lesson. You don’t really know what people are going through behind closed doors.”


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    Published on 16 Oct 2018 at 01:37PM

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