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    Holiday PC sales grew for the first time since 2011 /Link

    The market for PCs grew during the holiday season last year, which is a first in six years of declining demand for computers, according to a report by IDC. The market, which includes desktops, notebooks, and workstations, grew by 0.7 percent over the holiday season last year. IDC had initially predicted demand would decline by 1.7 percent.

    The overall year’s shipments were down by 0.2 percent, which was still better than 2016’s decline of 1.5 percent. The Asia-Pacific region and Latin America saw positive growth, while the US remained a challenging market.

    HP saw the highest demand among the increased shipments, pulling in a market share of 22.7 percent and maintaining its lead from 2016. In order of highest demand, here are the top six...

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    (@)Shannon Liao

    Published on 12 Jan 2018 at 06:24PM

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