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    How the Persona Series Succeeds by Casting the Player as a Sympathetic Ear /Link

    Celebrating the importance of being there for friends.

    Caution! Spoilers for Persona 5 ahoy!

    One of the standout things about the Persona series is the way it celebrates the power of friendship.

    Yes, each instalment has its own unique thematic thread. Persona 3, for example, dealt with kids confronting their mortality, while Persona 4 highlighted the importance of accepting who you are, even the bits you don't like and, more recently, Persona 5 asked if it was possible to redeem evil people by forcibly changing their hearts and whether it'd be ethically right to do so.

    Yet, throughout of each these games, the protagonists explore these themes by forming unbreakable bonds with those around them.

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    (@)Andy Corrigan

    Published on 16 Jul 2018 at 04:30AM

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