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    How Vladimir Lenin Became a Mushroom: A Hoax That Took the Soviet Union by Storm /Link


    Published on 07 Dec 2017 at 10:10PM

    Calendar bow Portuguese Fireplace. Le Clitoris. Views of the Sokol Settlement in Moscow. Beware of the spectral cowboy. A detective peers into a tearoom in 1959. A reconstruction of <em>Halszkaraptor escuilliei</em>, an amphibious dinosaur discovered in Mongolia. A detail from an oil painting, <em>Life and Death</em>, depicting half-woman, half-skeleton figure bearing a scythe, 18th century. A Neapolitan pizza maker. View of Georgetown <em></em> Is this the face of a fungus? Statues like this were once found all across Russia. None mentioned whether Lenin was a mushroom. Found: A Rare Bodysnatching Fungus The Secret History of Paris's Catacomb Mushrooms Gastro Obscura Italian Truffle Prices Mushroom After a Parched October Gastro Obscura Scientists Have Unlocked the Magic in 'Magic Mushrooms' A detective peers into a tearoom in 1959. Calendar bow Book candy cane Hot chocolate Quantcast

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