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    I'm going to the L*kers Game, and you should too! /Link

    Hey BE, just a heads up. If you wanted to go to the Blazers Lakers on Thursday but saw that ticket prices were astronmical when the schedule was released, well look again. I've been a season ticket holder for years, but I typically sell the best games to make it to other ones. I've never been to a Lakers game or Warriors this era. They just go for too much, which I can use on a bunch of other games. Not this time though.

    The second hand market has dropped like a stone. It is lower than any visiting Lebron team, Warriors, or even lesser teams. It is less than any other LA game since I've been a season ticket holder. And this is a historic game! I have no idea what the reason is, though I my best guess is that most people aren't aware that the season is even starting. The NBA is doing a terrible job of marketing right now. Any kind of way, I'm finally using my tickets, and I recommend that if you ever wanted to see an LA game, you'll never have a better chance to do it than this.

    See you Thursday!


    Published on 16 Oct 2018 at 10:29PM

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