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    I was walking in the park minding my own business when that white... /Link

    I was walking in the park minding my own business when that white lady with the two dogs in the red van showed up. She called someone to come look at me and took down my plate number the last time I saw her. That’s why I walked this time. Is it because you have done so much negative things to others, so now you’re scare that one of us will come after you? NO! We really don’t care about you, so please stop looking for reasons to kill us, arrest us, and hold us back from living a peaceful life like what you want. We can’t walk in the park, go to the pool, or even shop without one of them having a problem with us being around. Is it because she doesn’t have the mental ability to deal with life in a more positive way? Why can’t I have the same respect that you demand from me given back to me? Why is it ok for you to do negative things to me and I have to tolerate it? Then, when someone is negative to you, you seek revenge. You don’t want change because you don’t have the mental ability to deal with your feelings being hurt. Why do you act like you chose your race? And why is that the only reason that I’m a bad person? So, you’re saying that you stalking me in the park and calling the cops when I didn’t do anything to anyone is ok cause I was born different from you? I also love how each of you are individuals but we are all the same clone of a person, period! A clone of that first bad “NIGGER” who would not obey you people. If anything, we are scared to be around you people because no one believes what we say at all, you people just want to lynch all of us and you get away with it continuously. Please, stop making up stories and hurting us???
    Oh well, I’ll just want for this bitch to call the cops so I can be the next dead NIGGER cause they’re thinning the herd anyway. Stay turned for another dead person who was just walking along minding their business but was born the wrong race…


    Published on 12 Jul 2018 at 04:33PM

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