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    Illustrator Tutorial: Colorful & Abstract Illustrations /Link

    Illustrator Tutorial: Colorful & Abstract Illustrations

    Colorful Abstract Illustration and Illustrator Tutorial
    abduzeedo Nov 08, 2017

    Mostafa Abd ELsattar shared a really cool project on his Behance profile where he teaches with an Illustrator tutorial video how he created some incredible illustration of birds and patterns. It's not conventional illustration, it's a very abstract sand colorful set of artworks. I was definitely learned a lot from the video and that's the reason I decided to post here on Abduzeedo. You probably still remember that we used to post a lot of tutorials on the site. We moved a bit away from that because we thought they were getting a bit too repetitive but by looking at Mostafa's work I am 100% sure that I was completely wrong. 

    Check out the illustrations first and in the end you can see the Illustrator tutorial video. Also make sure to check Mostafa's work. He is a self-taught illustrator and Graphic Designer, who spend most of his time learning and experimenting new stuff in the digital art field. His profile on Behance can be found at https://www.behance.net/Mostafa_Abd_Elsattar


    Some Patterns

    Illustrator Tutorial

    On Vimeo

    On Youtube





    Published on 08 Nov 2017 at 04:05PM

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