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    iOS Keeping old launch screen and app icon after update /Link

    I have an app where I recently replaced the launch images and app icons, I removed all of the old assets from everywhere in the project. When I upgrade the app from the old version to the new version by just building in xcode, everything is fine. However, if I have the old version of my app installed then upgrade it from testflight, every time I kill the app then restart it the old launch image briefly appears before showing the new launch image. Similarly when I then close the app, the old app icon briefly flashes before switching back to my new one.

    I opened up the App using iExplorer and noticed that there is an image of the old launch screen saved in the /Library/Caches/Shapshots directory (I don't know how or why it got there). When I delete it manually through iExplorer, it stops appearing. However, when I try to remove it with code using NSFileManager methods, I get errors saying I am forbidden from deleting files in this directory.

    Has anyone experienced this before and have any advice?


    Published on 07 Oct 2015 at 09:37PM

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