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    Jigsaw circle cutting jig fail - now need advice on spiral router bits /Link

    I wasn’t happy with the amount of dust/noise/danger when using my router and 1/2” straight bit to cut plywood.
    So, I found a neat youTube video on a circle cutting jig/sled for a jigsaw, and went ahead and built it. Turns out, it won’t cut 3/4 plywood and the blade is deflected so badly by the circular motion. Tried a larger and stiffer blade, same issue. It’s making an angled edge – seems obvious now that it was never going to work on material over 1/2”

    So I can get out the ol’ Jasper circle cutting jig again, but what’s a better bit to get? I’ve heard of “spiral cutting” up and down bits, and they appear to be more suited to this. But what direction to buy, up or down? And can anyone recommend a specific brand like Freud or Bosch or other? They get pricey, fast.
    Thanks, all.


    Published on 22 Oct 2018 at 06:19PM

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