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    Last stand in the swamp: activists fight final stretch of Dakota pipeline /Link

    Opponents of the 160-mile Bayou Bridge pipeline, which will cross Native American land and 700 bodies of water, have chained themselves to machinery

    As the flat-bottom fishing boat speeds through waterways deep inside Louisiana’s Atchafalaya basin, the largest river swamp in the US, the landscape suddenly shifts from high banks of sediment and oil pipeline markers on either side to an open grove of cypress trees towering above the water. Flocks of white ibis appear, seemingly out of nowhere, to nest and hunt amid the moss-dripped, century-old wetland forest.

    “This is what the entire basin is supposed to look like,” explained Jody Meche, president of a local crawfishermen alliance and a lifelong resident with a thick Cajun accent.

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    (@)Lauren Zanolli in Lafayette, Louisiana

    Published on 16 Oct 2018 at 09:00AM

    Activists from the L’eau Est La Vie protest camp face police and security personnel. Opponents of the pipeline have locked themselves to machinery. Activists say theirs is the first example of direct action campaign for an environmental cause in the state. L’eau Est La Vie has managed to halt construction completely in some areas of the basin for over a month Cherri Foytlin, one of the founders of the L’eau Est La Vie camp.

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