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    Madison Beer Stops By, Lindsey Vonn Still Going Strong With PK – For Now & Raiders New Stadium Jail Plan /Link

    Not the best Dump.

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    We’re starting wind down with the LLWS games so soak up that action as soon as possible because these 10 days that ESPN pimps the hell out of will be over and you’ll be moving on to U.S. Open tennis action and a college football game or two. It’s also WNBA night on ESPN2. Oh, and Indians-Red Sox on ESPN. Starting to get close to baseball’s time to shine.

    Madison Beer — hott & great last name! 

    • Kenneth Faried mugshot

    Lindsey Vonn staying in the news, comments on PK’s NHL 19 rating

    Raiders new stadium will have something for all the arrests that are coming

    Concrete & glass house hits the market in L.A. for $30M…time for NBA guy to step up

    Jay Cutler still going strong on his wife’s reality show

    This Florida Man held up a KFC worker, wanted her to reopen KFC

    Here’s Jen from New Mexico

    Ric Throwing It Back To The Late 90s Video of the Day

    Your Moment of Flair….when you're in traffic this morning on the way to a job you hate & the guy in front of you is swerving because he's watching Your Moment of Flair pic.twitter.com/7eHAL4BUno

    — Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) August 21, 2018

    Burger of the Day

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    (@)Joe Kinsey

    Published on 21 Aug 2018 at 02:16PM

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