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    OnePlus plans to fix glaring smartphone security flaw allowing easy root access /Link

    OnePlus has a glaring smartphone security problem the company says it plans to fix in an upcoming software update. Just this week, a bit of fan sleuthing surfaced a flaw ostensibly due to oversight that meant that, over the past couple of years, OnePlus phones (including the recently released OnePlus 5) have carried a Qualcomm testing app called EngineerMode.

    The app provides users with root-level access to the phone without needing to unlock its bootloader, according to Engadget. In other words, a malicious user would need to physically grab your phone in order to take advantage of the bug. Yet once they gained that access, they could plant trackers or malware easily.

    A staff member from the OnePlus team explained in a forum post that...

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    (@)Shannon Liao

    Published on 14 Nov 2017 at 11:22PM

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