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    Penny Wong’s composure cracked in moment of relief too big to be contained | Katharine Murphy /Link

    The majority had spoken and they had accepted the senator, her private and the public self. It was all OK

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    For several excruciating minutes on Wednesday morning, the coolest operator in Australian politics found herself suspended between the personal and the political.

    Penny Wong had an obligation to appear in public as the results of the postal survey were reported. Politics demanded it. But there was a price to pay for it, and the price was that her private self would be on display.

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    (@)Katharine Murphy

    Published on 15 Nov 2017 at 02:58AM

    ‘Cameras were gathered pitilessly, lenses trained on Penny Wong. It could not be choreographed.’ Penny Wong breaks down after hearing the result of the same-sex marriage survey. Wong wipes her eyes as she takes in the result. Penny Wong carries the rainbow flag in celebration.

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