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    [ Performing Arts ] Open Question : Basic measurements for a 4/4 violin? /Link

    I have recently become extremely passionate for the instrument and absolutely need to learn to play it. My interest is near the point of obsession. I am a woodworker by trade, and specialize in luthiery, guitars specifically. One of the drawbacks of woodwork is extremely low income, so buying a violin is not an option for me. However, i'm confident my skills as a luthier will translate well to violins so i've decided to build one myself. However, i can't seem to find measurements for one. I'm planning on building an electric violin at first due to noise constraints, so all i really need are basic measurements such as string spacing, scale length, etc. Basic measurements for the bow would also be helpful.

    Published on 17 May 2018 at 03:49PM

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