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    So, I've built a few devices for my friends to smuggle booze and weed. 10 years latter here I drink a lot and I'm being forced to go on a faggot fucking cruise i don't want to be on. My wife says no to a $500 drink card for unlimited drinks. BITCH THEY WILL LOSE MONEY BUT ALRIGHT I GUESS BECAUSE FUCK WHAT I WANT... Fairly convinced I can smuggle booze easily and can't inject marijuanas because of work anyway.

    They allow 2 2 liters 9f soda since so many people believe sprite and 7 up help with sea sickness.

    "It took a whole lot of tryin' just to get up this hill!"

    I built a tool that can remove and replace a 2 liter bottle and apear factory sealed.

    I'm broken with metal in my body so i get "randomly inspected."

    Assuming i fail or i fuck over someone else getting busted with booze smuggling how much trouble would we be in?

    If it's really bad i can have another bro with a phone and inserted release valves. We get a wtf look and it releases a chemical to melt the okastic maybe??

    I don't know
    Basically looking for ideas here how to smuggle booze and wtf the laws are in Texas getting onto a bullshit boat full of faggots running around Mexico.

    I fucking HATE Mexicans.

    Can't wait to spend the first vacation of my life at 41years old covered in Mexican stink.....


    Published on 18 Nov 2018 at 12:01PM

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