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    Play rosbag on Euclid /Link



    Recently I am trying to play back some rosbag on Euclid (including some rosbag from Internet and recorded with my Euclid).

    Though I can call the cmd "rosbag play XXX.bag" in bash, there is actually no information being published to corresponding rostopics.

    For example, if I call "rostopic list" while playing a rosbag recorded with Euclid scenario "cameras", I do see topics such as /camera/color/image_raw and /camera/depth/image_raw in the list.

    However, if I do "rostopic echo /camera/color/image_raw", nothing came out.  Similarly, I cannot show the raw image with rviz.


    At first I suspect there could be issue with the rosbags.  So I copied the "problematic" rosbag to another ubuntu desktop: now the images are published with no problem at all!

    Also I tried to do "rosbag fix XXX.bag XXX_fixed.bag --force", but with no luck.

    Till now, I feel like it might related to the fact that there is a specific version of ros running on Euclid, which somehow blocks the rostopic such as image_raw being published.  Not sure how to fix or get around with this.


    I wonder if anyone else ran into similar issue these days.  Any hint or suggestion is appreciated!




    (@)[email protected]

    Published on 11 May 2018 at 12:52AM

    yipuzhao Intel Corporation

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