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    Qualcomm and Taiwanese regulators settle $774 million antitrust suit /Link

    After being slapped with a $774 million fine for antitrust violations, Qualcomm has reached an agreement with Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission to remedy the situation. The California-based tech giant will only be forced to pay $93 million of the initial fine — money which it has already paid — and it must follow a handful of other rules put in place by the Taiwanese regulator.

    The dispute arose after Taiwan’s regulator said that the chip maker abused its monopoly power over smartphone modems by putting higher patent licensing fees on companies that use the devices in their products. Last October when the initial fine had been announced, Taiwan’s FTC claimed that the patents Qualcomm holds over its chip designs kept other potential chip...

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    (@)Makena Kelly

    Published on 10 Aug 2018 at 03:21PM

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