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    Remains of the Day (01/12) /Link

    Homorazzi: It's terrible that Johnathon Schaech was molested by director Franco Zeffirelli, but has the actor ever apologized for what his body has put me through?

    The Gay Almanac: If 4 out of 5 Russians considers gay sex "reprehensible," why are their men so hot?

    The Film Experience: Everyone thinks the dad in "Call Me by Your Name" is the breakout performance, but I thought that speech stuck out like a sore thumb

    BBC: How sad (and embarrassing) that an openly gay man makes the Olympic squad and he has to worry about not feeling welcome at the home of his country's so-called leader

    BosGuy: You'd drive shirtless too if you looked like this furry fellow

    HuffPost Queer Voices: Within one week, four black lesbians were murdered

    The Daily News: I don't understand the constant denials about everything --isn't that a tacit admission that what you've said is beyond the pale?

    Dlisted: Open post hosted by the woman who got Costco to refund Christmas

    Wehoville: Matt Palazzolo, young gay rights activist and actor, has died on a mountain hike

    Deep Dish: I've seen a lot of hot men in my day, but this one took my breath away

    Forbes: Facebook says revamped news feed focuses on friends and family, curbing the reach of brands and media

    My New Plaid Pants: You can hardly blame him for kissing a man who looks like that

    Decider: I've been imploring everyone I know to watch the Chicago-based Netflix anthology series "Easy" -- it's so well-written and there are only a couple of duds (aka the microbrewery) -- but recommendations are kind of a dime a dozen. (Seriously, the one about the girl whose parents punish her by making her go to church is the best thing ever!) But maybe word that they broke the "boner barrier" will pique some of you pervs' interest

    The Mercury News: Campaign to recall judge in Brock Turner case clears major hurdle

    The Wall Street Journal: A day after promising to give its store workers raises and bonuses, Wal-Mart is preparing to hand out more than 1,000 pink slips at its headquarters; company also announced 10,000 other layoffs at Sam's Club Stores

    The Hill: Lawyer paid $130,000 to silence adult film star about sexual encounter with Donald

    Newsweek: White House can't work conference call, spends 22 minutes trying to mute hostile reporters

    Tennis Life: I wondered where Taylor "Daddy" Fritz had vanished

    The New York Times: Donald stops short of reimposing Iran sanctions but sets deadline to overhaul deal

    Matthew's Island of Misfit Toys: Were those little briefs inspired by Tarzan's loincloth?

    Daily Intelligencer: Good lord, Arizona: Maybe Joe Arpaio isn't the worst you could do for a senator

    Boy Culture: '90s-inspired underwear have me rethinking that lost decade

    PinkNews: Speaking of the '90s," Friends" doesn't look so friendly to women and LGBTQ people these days

    The Globe: Someone has a type

    Hunk du Jour: If the boy next door had looked like this, I'd have never moved

    The Randy Report: Once-a-week HIV medication shows promise in early testing

    Towleroad: After destroying Gawker, Peter Thiel is now trying to buy it

    OMG Blog: Model and Instafamous personal trainer Nick Sandell confirms his circumcision

    The WoW Report: As Donald signs MLK Day declaration a reporter asks if he's racist

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