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    Sanrio's beer-swilling rage panda is getting her own Netflix show /Link

    If someone wanted to choose a mascot for 2017, they could do a lot worse than Aggretsuko, the latest adorable animal character from the Hello Kitty people at Sanrio. Aggretsuko (a.k.a. “Aggressive Retsuko”) made her debut late last year, and she’s described as a red panda who is “a single, 25-year-old female. Scorpio,…


    (@)Sam Barsanti

    Published on 08 Dec 2017 at 12:51AM

    Lena Waithe joins season 2 of <i>Dear White People<em></em></i> Warner Bros. is rethinking its DC movies in the wake of <i>Justice League<em></em></i> Quentin Tarantino won&#39;t write his <i>Star Trek </i>movie, but it will be R-rated<em></em>

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