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    Science Fair: Uncertainty Edition /Link


    I’m uncertain if STEM midterms season will ever end

    We’re back with Science Fair, Bwog’s weekly curated list of interesting STEM-related talks, symposiums, and events happening on campus. For science and non-science majors alike, our list will bring you events that will satisfy your scientific curiosity for everything from astronomy to zoology, and everything in between.

    For anyone, related-majors and non-majors alike:

    • “Getting the Lead in, Out, and Beyond: A talk about Lead Exposure in New Orleans” by Howard Mielke, Tulane University
      • Monday, October 22, 2-4pm, Milbank Hall Room 222, click here for more info
      • Event description: “This research provides insights into processes that advance the quality of urban ecosystems. This research reports on soil lead and children’s exposure in unflooded vs. flooded communities of metropolitan New Orleans. At 3pm, an update on lead in New York City soil will be given.”
    • Late Night Science – Faces, Places: Social Networks in the Brain
      • Monday, October 22, 6-8pm, Jerome L. Greene Science Center Room L7-119, click here for more info and to register
      • Event description: “Heard about brain science discoveries in the news? Here’s your chance for a behind-the-scenes introduction to how neuroscience research works. Bring your family and friends to Late Night Science, a seminar series with lab tours by graduate students of Columbia University Neuroscience Outreach.”
    • Extreme Heat Events in Cities: Societal Impacts and Solutions
      • Thursday, October 25, 6-7pm, Faculty House, click here for more info and to register
      • Event description: “This panel brings together climate scientists and public and private sector practitioners to highlight the relationship between climate change and extreme heat events, and showcase some ways that society is adapting.” Followed by a reception with beer, wine, and hor d’oeuvres.

    For more advanced students of the given subject:

    • “The Simons Observatory: Cosmology from the Microwave Sky” Physics Colloquium by Jo Dunkley, Princeton
      • Monday, October 22, 4:15pm, 428 Pupin, click here for more info
      • Event description: “The Simons Observatory (SO) is a new cosmic microwave background experiment being built in the Atacama Desert in Chile, due to begin observations in the early 2020s. I will describe the scientific goals of the experiment: to characterize the primordial perturbations that were imprinted in the early universe, etc”
    • “Uncertainty in brain and behavior across the lifespan and in psychopathology” Neuroscience seminar by Ifat Levy, Yale
      • Tuesday, October 23, 4-5pm, Jerome L. Greene Science Center 9th floor, click here for more info
      • Event description: “Individuals vary substantially in their attitudes towards uncertainty: some embrace it, while others avoid it at all costs; some learn quickly to reduce uncertainty, while others do not. I will describe a series of behavioral and neuroimaging studies, in which we examined decision-making, learning, and passive valuation in uncertain environments.”

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    Published on 21 Oct 2018 at 09:02PM

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