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    Secure Your Dropwizard Server With Single Sign-on and User Management /Link

    We all know that authentication is no fun, especially when you have to build in-house and rolling your own can lead to security and scale issues in the future. With Okta, you can add secure authentication to your Dropwizard site in a matter of minutes. Dropwizard is recognized as the pioneer in turn-key Java API frameworks. Okta also rivals Spring Boot for its ease of adoption. By combining Dropwizard’s production-ready essential libraries and Okta’s identity platform, you can construct a fully secured internet-facing web service with little effort. Read on to see how!

    This tutorial assumes familiarity with Java, Maven, and basic web security concepts. The first section sets up a new Dropwizard server from scratch. So, if you already have one up and running, feel free to skip straight to how to integrate with Okta. You can also find the completed code example on GitHub.

    (@)Silas Brazil

    Published on 14 Jun 2018 at 04:01AM

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