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    [ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : How do I get over this guy? /Link

    So I met this guy back in March/April on the ship where I work at and he approached me and said that he found me attractive and stuff. Then a few days later he added me on Facebook, However, one of my friends around the ship was saying that he messes around with other women and hes not the relationship type, I didn't want to believe her because I was starting to like him, Then like a week or two later, he sent me a message saying that he sees himself being with me and being committed to me. So we were hanging out and we kissed a few times. But now hes saying that he doesn't want anything serious and that he told other girls this. So fast forward to before I left to go back to Washington, I texted him admitting to him that I was starting to really like him. And he said “it’s all good. And I apologize for my lack of self development” and I replied saying “ it’s ok. I need to improve myself as well” Then he replied “ and we should improve ourselves on our own paths” Then I said “yeah I know. Well you take care” Now, I found out that he’s talking to someone else according to what he wrote on his Facebook status. At this point I’m hurt, heartbroken, etc because I really liked this guy. I wish I would’ve never met him to begin with. All these guys do is **** me over and I’m tired of it. What should I do??

    Published on 15 Nov 2018 at 11:30PM


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