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    So let's get this straight /Link

    So let's get this straight

    Nintendo isn't going to put Sora in smash. They aren't going shill a Character even though his game is going to be on their competitors' console.

    >But KH3 could be planned for switch
    Nomura said he isn't focusing on any other platform until the PS4 or XBONE version is released, and since that isn't releasing til 2019 and DLC is already planned. His chances are slim

    >But Sora has 4 games on Nintendo
    Sora's last game on Nintendo was 6 years ago. There hasn't been any remasters on Nintendo's console. Can't really shill there.

    >But Cloud was in Smash and he barely has history with Nintendo
    Sakurai wanted Cloud, Not Nintendo. Since Nintendo is picking the DLC don't expect Sora to be in, he's on thin ice.


    Published on 15 Nov 2018 at 08:54PM

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