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    Sprint made its unlimited plan worse, and added a more expensive option /Link

    Sprint is the latest carrier to realize that words are meaningless, its unlimited plan was never going to be unlimited anyway, and it might as well run with it. Starting on Friday, Sprint will split its single unlimited data plan in two, creating two new plans with different data allotments and restrictions, both of which will still be referred to as “unlimited.”

    The first plan, Unlimited Basic, is basically a worse version of Sprint’s existing $60-per-month Unlimited Freedom plan. It cuts LTE hot spot data from 10GB to just 500MB, and it’ll throttle video down to 480p, which it didn’t do in the past. It will still include a Hulu subscription (with commercials).

    The second plan, Unlimited Plus, costs $70 per month, and it’s closer to the...

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    (@)Jacob Kastrenakes

    Published on 12 Jul 2018 at 02:04PM

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