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    TerraQuant Pro Cold Laser Package w/ 50w LaserShower & Acupunture probe set /Link

    Includes: TerraQuant® Console SE25 Emitter LS50 Emitter Acupunture & Muscle Trigger Probe Set - $429 value Safety goggles Phototherapy 101 book - $80 value Operating manual & User's guide Protocol manual Soft sided case Purchased Brand New approx $7000 The TerraQuant Pro package is a powerful and effective bundle that is perfect for practitioners with a busy office. TerraQuant Pro includes both a SE25 emitter and a LS50 emitter (Laser Shower) making it ideal for treating 2 simultaneous areas. The LS50 Laser Shower emitter has a higher photonic density saturation, shorter treatment times and the ability to treat a broader coverage area with more power while the SE25 emitter works perfectly on smaller areas (with or without the probe set). The Laser Shower houses 4 GaAs super pulsed lasers. Laser Shower has twice the coverage (20cm2) and 4 times the peak power (50,000mW). Laser Shower has a total of 12 diodes: 4 super pulsed lasers, 4 infrared SLD's and 4 red light LED's. The Laser Shower is a must have for the clinician who desires the most technologically advanced equipment.

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    Published on 21 May 2018 at 04:29PM

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