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    The autonomous Lily drone is dead and buyers are being offered refunds /Link

    Another ambitious crowd-funded drone has died — this time, the autonomous Lily camera drone. After collecting more than $34 million in pre-orders from 60,000 customers, the company behind Lily has closed after failing to secure financing for full-scale production.

    In a blog post titled “The Adventure Comes to an End,” Lily founders Antoine Balaresque and Henry Bradlow said they would be offering refunds to all customers, and that they were “sorry and disappointed” about the company’s demise.

    “We have been racing against a clock of ever-diminishing funds,” write the pair. “Over the past few months, we have tried to secure financing in order to unlock our...

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    (@)James Vincent

    Published on 12 Jan 2017 at 09:29AM

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